You should take an improv class, it will change your life!

Why Improv?

Improv is a way of life

Improv is a way of life, 'yes, and...' a philosophy. Improv isn't about being funny, it's about connecting.

You improvise everyday. There is no plan to life.

Perhaps you're afraid. Who isn't? Follow the fear...

Become more confident. A better listener. Think quicker on your feet. Have more fun.

If everyone took one improv class, the world would be a better place.

Today's the day!

I can say without hesitation that Jay is an excellent teacher. Jay’s passion for developing talent translates into his ensembles having exciting artistic adventures under his guidance, and the groups thatworks with rave about their experiences. His evaluations have been exceptional, and students always appreciate his passion and his supportive but focused feedback. When we have the students evaluate Jay, they say things like (these are actual quotes): "Jay was an awesome teacher and pushed us in a great way ­supportive, positive, professional", "He went above and beyond to mentor us", and "That Jay is a friggin genius."
Matt Hovde, Second City Training Center Artistic Director