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Designed, wrote, performed several live learning sessions for over 5000 people. Topics included: Diversity and Inclusion, Work/Life Balance and Living the Values, Taking the President’s strategy and modeling it through to execution with 100 top business leaders. Reinforced President and CEO’s content after 3 day off-site meeting with blended learning solution. Used improv to surface otherwise taboo issues. Provided post-meeting entertainment.

International Trucking

Worked with meeting planners to weave games and exercises into an off-site meeting to maintain energy and focus.


Used improvisational exercises to develop an improved connection with customers, which is now a staple in their international training manual.


Trained call center reps on communication techniques based on improv exercises. Centers saw a 125 percent increase in productivity in the first three months measured after any given session.

Biogen Pharmaceutical

Created a workshop designed to address improved communication within group / function, with other functions and thinking inventively in group settings and ease tensions between “new” and “old” regimes while overcoming language barriers.


Created on-message web series to bring awareness to their financial services. Read critical acclaim here

Eli Lilly

Created custom sketches for off site business meeting supporting a new product launch.


Customized an improv show to support business messaging.

Harris Bank

Designed and implemented exercises to address and improve difficult peer-to-peer review sessions.


Supplemented content in key breakout sessions using improvisational facilitators. Co-presented with company execs to bring dry material to life.

Starcom MediaVest

Trained the international trainers on more effective ways to improve chemistry and connect with their audience.

Yahoo! UK

Flown to London to coach a sales team for on effective ways to connect with customers.

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Our Approach

  1. Deliver exactly what you need
  2. Make you look good

Our ongoing dedication to the craft of improvisation has taught us two things: listen and make the other person look good.

Other learning providers have ready made “kit” solutions. We custom build every engagement by listening in order to support your message. We use improv as a tool to drive innovation within organizations.

Your needs for employee engagement are unique, including your key messages and cultural sensitivities. Our philosophy is to partner with you to deliver exactly what you need instead of a basic off-the-shelf package.

Success Stories

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Introducing the Core Team

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Jay Sukow
President, Creative Director

Jay Sukow has been performing with and without a script for the better part of the past 20 years. He has trained with, among others, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, David Razowsky, Keith Johnstone, Del Close and Mick Napier.

Jay has over 20 years worth of corporate entertainment experience, as emcee, host, talent and team building facilitator.

Jay has performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Del Close Marathon, and several improv festivals throughout the country. Jay was an ensemble member of ComedySportz Chicago, the Second City Faculty Jam, and several weekend "house" improv teams at iO Chicago, where he was also head of its artistic committee. He has been a guest performer at Boom Chicago, the Second City, the Second City ETC, the Second City Northwest and Messing with a Friend.

Jay was a faculty member of The Second City and iO Chicago, taught workshops for ComedySportz Chicago and various improv festivals, as well as all over the world. Jay teaches improv to people from every walk of life, from beginning students to executives at Fortune 100 companies, including PepsiCo, Yahoo!, Yahoo! UK, International Trucking, Baxter Pharmaceuticals and McDonalds. Jay has directed the feature “Trubadeaux: A Restaurant Movie”, TBD and Sheboygan for the Chicago Improv Festival, “The Mighty Ted: An Unexpected Journey”, and various sketch and improv groups, including several corporate clients.

Laura Stoll
Instructional Designer, Principal of Operations

Jay regularly consults with the devious and insightful mind of his business, writing, and life partner Laura Stoll.

Laura helps bring ideas to life with her uniquely professional point of view. With twenty years experience in global management consulting, business operations, and corporate talent strategies, she’s skilled at helping others elevate their game.

Her career highlights include living and working in the financial capital of Germany on a seriously major banking project, landing the President and CEO of one of the world’s most recognizable brands as her first independent client, and reading a script she’d written with Jay to an OCD CEO in his fully loaded massive board room.

Her clients and employers include PepsiCo, Kraft, McDonald’s, Yahoo!, AT&T, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank, to name drop just a few.

Laura also has studied improv at Second City, iO, and ComedySportz Chicago, and has the distinction of being the only student ever thrown out of one of Jay’s classrooms. Ask him why...Her ability to fuse the lessons of improv with the complexities of business have made her much sought after in this very niche arena.

Video Library

An Example Workplace Diversity Sketch

These clips were taken from a live sketch/improv show focused on Diversity and Inclusion for a Fortune 100 client. The audience of 175 included the CEO along with several high-level executives. This short shows the sketch, or scripted portion of the event.

Meeting Support at Catalyst Ranch

Worked with meeting planners to weave games and exercises into an off-site meeting to maintain energy and focus.

Speaking on Benefits of Corporate Improv

The Riot Act creates seriously successful events. Our innovative services put an interactive spin on meeting content delivery. Some of our nations most successful global organizations created meaningful corporate events utilizing The Riot Acts unique approach.

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Difficult Peer to Peer Review Session

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Meeting creative design

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Improv within business messaging

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