"You need improv training on your resume"

Ever heard that? You've come to the right place.

Why Improv?

Actors benefit from improv training

"You need improv training on your resume." Ever hear that? It's no longer a luxury.

Actors with improv on their resume are more likely to audition better and make stronger choices.

You will get more work if you learn improv well.

Become more confident. A better listener. Think quicker on your feet. Have more fun.

Today's the day!

Success Stories

Jay has helped thousands of students build confidence and communicate effectively over our twenty years teaching improv

Jay has trained with Carrell, Colbert, and Favreau
You want to train with him

What can be more exciting than to learn a new creative outlet from someone who has shared the classroom with some of the most creative folks in the world?

Jay has learned improv from great folks like Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jon Favreau, Del Close, Keith Johnstone and many others. He was a faculty member of The Second City and iO Chicago, and has taught for ComedySportz Chicago. He teaches all around the world, from newbies to Fortune 100 executives to veteran improvisors.

He also has extensive performing experience on the stages of The Second City, iO Chicago, ComedySportz, the Annoyance Theater, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Club Med and throughout the world, including Canada!

Check out Jay's acting portfolio!

Get More Work

Nail your audition and build your resume.

I know how to use improv to help you become a better actor.

Students learn these skills:

  1. Make strong choices
  2. Deliver better auditions
  3. On-camera auditions
  4. Listen - Respond - React
  5. Confidence
  6. Thinking less
  7. Going with the flow
  8. Stay open in the moment - don't get ahead of yourself!
  9. Staying present and open
  10. Create a better connection with your scene partner

Strengthen communication with colleagues, crew, and yourself, while having the most fun you'll ever have.

He inspires them to hone their skills and encourages them to push themselves to their full potential.
Leila M
He was without a doubt my most influential and inspiring instructor. He is talented and knowledgeable and has a way of leading his class to do amazing things.
Shawn F
When we have the students evaluate Jay, they say things like (these are actual quotes): “Jay was an awesome teacher and pushed us in a great way supportive, positive, professional”, “He went above and beyond to mentor us”, and “That Jay is a friggin genius.”
Matt Hovde, Second City Artistic Director

Next Steps
Today's the day!

Improv for actors!

Give better auditions.
Get more work.
Be fearless!