We stand on the shoulders of giants.

So much goes into making a business like ours, we felt we needed a space to offer thanks to all those that helped us along the way.

Thank you, giants of our hearts, for all of your hard work.

Montclair Film Fest

The photo of Stephen Colbert is courtesy Montclair Film Festival under Creative Commons 2.0, with colors adjusted for readability.


To coordinate the data and render a beautiful experience on the web we have relied on Django, a Python Web Framework. Thanks to Django we are able to focus on our service over our technicals.


For an easy to theme site we opted to use Bootstrap. Quick and easy for our developers, themers, and copy writers, Bootstrap proves itself to be a good choice again and again.

Subtle Patterns

Provides many of the beautiful textures we use on the site. See all the free textures they offer at subtlepatterns.com.

Transparent Textures

We also found many useful textures for our site from Transparent Textures, which is built on the shoulders of subtle patterns. These are textures that can sit on any color and apply a feel to that page.