The sound you hear is my heart breaking. Followed by anger.

I'm posting this with the approval of the wonderful person who sent it to me.

Please, just read and listen to what's written.

Please don't justify, defend or argue the actions below. Thank you.

"What I'm feeling is that it's below my dignity to spend time around people who're only capable of toilet humor,

and I see no point of paying money to spend evening with xenophobic assholes. My original perception was that the number of these individuals goes down as the level of class goes up. Unfortunately it clearly the other way around. The improv education is conditioned to encourage lower the waistline humor, disgusting humor a la "drink my spit" and those practicing this.

It's very efficient at getting rid of people who find such humor unsophisticated.

My own Improv 3 teacher was playing 12-year-old boy with erection problem all three times I saw him on stage.

It's below my dignity to watch this and it's below my dignity to take lessons from people I have zero respect for.

One would think that to be a good improvisors students have to climb a mountain. With each step they learn more and more skills. They are getting higher, there is not enough oxygen, some get tired on the way and drop out, and only the most stubborn and dedicated get to the top. But no, its not that.

There is a Grand Canyon between the place they start and the the point they have to reach. The canyon filled with stupidity, dumb jokes and assholes. Only those who are dedicated enough to pedal though it will get to the mountain itself and will have a chance to climb it. Being on stage is not my life's dream and therefore I'm not willing to pedal though this canyon.”

This is why we play smart.

Written 5 years ago.
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