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Let's work on your C.O.R.E.


Using the C.O.R.E. technique -- Collaborate Openness Relationship Ensemble -- this is a class designed for you and to help with your specific skill set and is a monthly committment. This class is not for those looking to get on a team or in a group because...there are no teams or groups.

You pay month to month. If you miss a month, however, your spot will be offered to the first one on the waiting list.

Enrollment will be capped.

In addition, I will be bringing in instructors who specialize in different skill sets to work with you as well.


January and February $150

January only $50

February only $100

LOCATION: TU STUDIOS 10943 Camarillo St, North Hollywood, CA 91602


Thursdays, starting January 18th from 6:30-9:00pm
Team and individual feedback

I am now offering two feedback options:

1). Send me your team's rehearsal or show and I will give your team, as well as individual, notes. I will also send exercises designed to improve your skill set. I will get this to you as soon as possible, first come first served. $50, total

2) Skype me in and i will run your reheasals. $50/hr.

**Rehearsal and shows up to 3 hours

First come, first served
M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater

Westside Comedy Theater Level 701

In the culminating class in the Improv Program, students create their own completely improvised show under the guidance and direction of their instructor. In IMPROV 701, students put all their skills on the table. Students will grow their ensemble group-mind and feel the power of being in harmony as a class. Every section of 701 has a unique experience and show tailored to their individual group voice and style. The students of this class receive a three show run and are eligible to be considered for Westside Comedy Theater House & Alley Teams.

Tuesdays 1/9/18-2/27/18
Second City Level 1

Second City Level 1

This is an intro class called Improvising Basics – While learning the building blocks of improv, this term builds confidence through ensemble energy. We meet every Saturday from 3:30 until 7 at Second City Hollywood. More info and to register here

Satudays 3:30-7pm from January 13-February 24.